Welcome to Lake County H.O.G.

Lake County H.O.G. Chapter #0688 is one of approximately 1,400 Harley Owners Group® (H.O.G.) Chapters in more than 80 countries. Our 260-plus members proudly represent Harley-Davidson, our sponsoring dealership, and almost a million H.O.G. members worldwide. Florida is home to nearly 40,000 H.O.G. members!

Lake County H.O.G. group photo, 2012

Our Chapter’s sponsoring dealership is Gator Harley-Davidson® in beautiful Leesburg, Florida, USA.

Being a member of H.O.G. is about RIDING and HAVING FUN. While we’re pretty good at each we’re always looking for ways to improve. We actively promote safe and responsible motorcycle riding through education, training, and good example.

Enjoy our website. If you like what you see then please consider joining our Chapter. Maybe you’re new to Florida, just visiting, or simply not sure what Florida law requires regarding motorcycle operation. If that sounds like you then check out It’s the Law for a quick summary of some of the legal requirements here in the Sunshine State. And if you’re looking for some great places to ride to on a beautiful Florida day check out a few of our favorite rides.