• Crushing and screening equipment accessories

    Crushing and screening equipment accessories

    Time:2018-08-18 15:44:59
    The use of original fittings is a key element for breaking and screening equipment to maintain a longer service cycle. All the main components and vulnerable parts of the crushing and screening equipment are made of the best quality wear-resistant materials, using world-class processing technology, through strict quality control layer upon layer, heart-beating, durable and can be called top grade.

    Direct use of imported high-quality alloy forging, wear resistance and toughness, in the leading level in China, greatly improved work efficiency, service life than high manganese steel increased by 3-mdash; 5 times, increased production output and quality. The latest 5X sand-making machine has adopted the diamond-shaped combination impact block. The main feature of this kind of impact block is to use foreign high-quality alloy instead of domestic traditional manganese steel and casting alloy parts, thus greatly improving the abrasion resistance of the impact block and the breaking ability of the sand-making machine. It can also be used alternately, which not only improves the utilization rate of materials, but also effectively protects the life of the inner sheath of the sand machine. The overall service life of the sand making machine is more than five times higher than that of the original product, and the sand making efficiency is increased by more than 30%.
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