Register for the Post-Meeting Ride to Lunch

By registering your intent whether or not to attend the usual post-meeting ride to lunch, you provide our Head Road Captain with the information needed to plan for a superb lunch experience.

Use the form below, at least two days before the meeting, to…

  • …tell us you plan to participate, and how many you’ll bring.
  • …tell us you’ve changed your mind and won’t participate, if you’ve already told us you would. (That’ll also negate the reservations for any people you told us you’d bring along.)

We’re presently concerned with the March 2018 meeting.

The planned destination not known at this time but watch this space for updates. As usual, the destination is subject to last-minute change depending on factors like how many plan to participate, the ability for the venue to provide for us, and so on.

Please email our Head Road Captain to make a suggestion as to where you’d like to go after our meetings.