Favorite Rides

Lake County is a wonderful place to ride, as is all of Central Florida. Situated in the center of the State, we are only a leisurely one to two hour ride from either the Atlantic (east) coast or the Gulf (west) coast. Central Florida features rolling hills, orange groves, numerous lakes, marshes, natural springs, and thousands of oak and cypress trees draped with picturesque Spanish moss, along with critters of every size and description.

This natural beauty is complimented by an array of interesting and exciting attractions to visit, and some really great places to chow down and wet your whistle.

Below are some of our favorite rides through Central Florida. These rides share two common themes: a scenic route and food. Most are from 80 to 200 miles round trip, and many will take you through the scenic Emeralda Marsh area and the Ocala National Forest. All of these rides start from the Gator Harley-Davidson in Leesburg, but can be modified to accommodate other start points. For ride directions simply click on the links below to access PDF documents, ready to save, print, and ride!

These are some of our favorite rides and places to visit and eat, and we hope you enjoy them, too. But we make no recommendations, guarantees, or claims regarding the routes, destinations, or the food. We may note, however, any restaurant that has been a past sponsor for any of our fundraising/charitable activities. As always, safety is an individual rider responsibility. Be careful out there and have a great Central Florida ride.

  1. Ormond Loop and Flagler Beach via Emeralda Marsh
  2. Palatka and the St. John’s River via Emeralda Marsh
  3. New Smyrna Beach via Emeralda Marsh
  4. Spring Garden Ranch & Horse Training Track
  5. Cedar Key
  6. St. John’s River in Astor