Lake County H.O.G. conducts its events and activities with a few important policies in mind. For each policy listed below you may click to jump directly to the applicable section of this page. You may also access a PDF version suitable for printing or saving for future reference when offline.

Whether you’re a seasoned member, recently joined, or just checking us out before deciding to ride and have fun with us, we think you’ll find this page both interesting and informative and we urge you to familiarize yourself with the material.

The LCHOG Release Forms Policy
Holding safe and insured events is an integral part of Riding and Having Fun. So what does insurance have to do with riding and having fun? In the litigious times in which we live, protection against lawsuits has become a necessity, even for H.O.G. Chapters and Chapter officers. National H.O.G. pays for our basic insurance policy, which covers legal defense and damage payments if we are sued. Our H.O.G. insurance also provides comprehensive event and activity coverage. However, to maintain our coverage, we must meet two specific conditions set by the insurer. In addition to reporting injuries in a timely manner, we must collect release forms from ALL participants in our Chapter events. There are four types of releases: an annual release, a Chapter event release (adults), a Chapter event release (minors), and a Minor’s Assumption of Risk.

  • Chapter members complete an annual release when they fill out their Chapter membership form each year. Therefore, Chapter members (other than minors) do not have to sign a Chapter Event Release Form when attending a Lake County H.O.G. closed event.
  • All adult guests attending a Lake County H.O.G. closed event must sign a Chapter Event Release Form For Adults. It is the responsibility of the sponsoring member to ensure his/her guest(s) sign a release form and turn it in to the Road Captain or other responsible party before the ride begins.
  • All minors, whether they are Lake County H.O.G. Chapter members or not, MUST complete a Chapter Event Release for Minors AND a Minor’s Assumption of Risk Acknowledgment (if 12 to 18 years old) for every event, whether closed or open. The Chapter Event Release For Minors must be signed by the parent or the legal guardian. Relatives other than the parents (e.g., grandparents, etc.) may not sign the release unless they are the minor’s legal guardian. It is the responsibility of the adult accompanying the minor to ensure the minor completes both forms and that they are turned in to the Road Captain or other responsible party before the ride begins.
  • For open events, everyone, including Chapter members, must complete a Chapter Event Release Form For Adults.

The LCHOG Group Riding Policy
Welcome to a Lake County H.O.G. Group Ride. Riding with friends is a great experience. If you are not a member of Lake County H.O.G., please make sure you complete a release form before starting the ride. To help ensure your ride with us is fun and safe for you and the other riders in our group, please take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with our Group Riding Policy, particularly the correct use of the STAGGERED FORMATION. If you have any questions, please address them to the Road Captain for resolution before the start of the ride. Thanks for joining us. Have a great and safe ride. The Rules of the Road:

  • Arrive ready to ride with Full Tank and Empty Bladder
  • Be prepared – clothing, safety equipment, etc…
  • Discipline is REQUIRED during Group Rides to insure EVERYONE’S SAFETY
  • Obey ALL traffic controls
  • Maintain safe speed
  • Staggered Formation IS the Primary and Default Formation (unless otherwise indicated) (see separate handout)
  • Single File Formation is used only as needed
  • NO Lane Splitting – except when:
    • Starting / Stopping (When Stopped)
    • Formation during official parade ONLY
  • Starting / Stopping (When Stopped)
  • Formation during official parade ONLY
  • Don’t Pass Motorcycles In Your Lane
  • Don’t block traffic
  • Never argue with larger vehicles – automobiles, 18-wheelers, etc.
  • Ride with headlight ON
  • Keep tight but courteous formation (use 2-second rule)
  • Increase (or decrease) separation between bikes when appropriate
  • STAY ALERT – know YOUR escape route
  • Don’t get in over your head-ride your own ride
  • Unless you’re the last bike in the Group, don’t:
    • Toss Anything From Your Bike
    • Spit
  • Alcohol drinking and riding DO NOT MIX – choose one or the other
  • Road Captains will excuse rider(s) from the Group for ANY of the following reasons:
    • Alcohol or drug use while on a Group Ride
    • Riding in an unsafe manner or an unsafe motorcycle

The LCHOG Group Riding Formation Policy

The Staggered Formation

  • The Staggered Formation is the DEFAULT riding formation whenever ALL the following conditions apply:
    • Road markings are available; i.e., lane-dividing lines, shoulder line, etc.;
    • Some shoulder is available;
    • Road is wide enough to ride in a staggered formation safely.
  • The minimum recommended spacing to the bike directly in front of you should be no less than two (2) seconds (the two-second rule). The bike in the lane to your left or right should be no less than one (1) second ahead of you. The two seconds of distance will vary, depending on your riding speed. Trikes should ride at the rear of the group in the center of the lane and maintain a two-second interval with the bike/trike ahead of you.
  • The two-second rule is a rule of thumb you should try to adhere to whenever possible, especially at highway speeds. There are times, however, when it is best to squeeze together while on city streets or while slowing for a stop in order to prevent four-wheeled vehicles from splitting the group.
  • The last bike (Sweeper) should ride in the middle of the two bike lanes with as many headlights on as possible, and should be “dancing” in and out of Road Sections “A” and “C”. This will help the Road Captain (lead bike) see him/her. Refer to the picture on the right.

The LCHOG Alcohol Policy
Safe and responsible motorcycling is a major H.O.G. goal and an integral part of Riding and Having Fun. The consumption and use of alcohol is a serious personal responsibility involving the safety and welfare of family, riding friends and the individual H.O.G. member. Medical studies, traffic statistics and common sense all tell us that alcohol consumption before or during motorcycling activity is not safe, responsible behavior. Moreover, liquor liability coverage is not provided by the Chapter’s general liability insurance policy. Lake County H.O.G. therefore has the following policy regarding the consumption of alcohol during Chapter activities:

  • Alcohol will not be consumed during Chapter rides.
  • Alcohol should not be consumed prior to participating in a Chapter ride.
  • Persons participating in a Chapter ride who consume alcohol during the ride or who are suspected of having consumed alcohol before the ride, will be required to leave the ride (see Group Riding Policy).
  • All Chapter rides end when kickstands go down at the destination. The return ride is not a Chapter activity. Although Lake County H.O.G. recommends members not consume alcohol before operating their motorcycles, the decision to consume alcohol at the destination following a Chapter ride and afterwards is a personal one.
  • Lake County H.O.G. will not provide alcohol at any of its Chapter activities. If the Chapter approves the consumption of alcohol at any of its activities, it will be on a “Buy Your Own” from a vendor licensed and insured to sell alcohol, or a “Bring Your Own” basis.